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Summer courses with spots still available!

Summer courses with spots still available!

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The department has several courses you can still enrol in!

1000: Introduction to Communications provides a critical overview of the main issues in the field of communication and media. It examines how forms and processes of communication are implicated in our understanding of the world at both the personal and social levels. 

*This class will be offered through remote/online delivery. The LECT is asynchronous with no specified meeting times. 

*New tutorial added!

4708: Youth Cultures and Media Practices analyzes contemporary youth cultures with an emphasis on the ways in which youth engage with diverse and converging media texts and practices.

The course develops a contextual understanding of media literacy, identities, embodiments, subcultures, social networks and civic engagements within the lives of youth, analyzing media institutions and policies, consumer cultures, technologies as well as local participatory and transnational practices.

*This class takes place in-person Mondays & Wednesdays at 19:00 in VH 3000.

4727: Cultural Politics and Aesthetics develops a framework for understanding the relationships between culture, communication, aesthetics and politics. Through assignments and a major project students will learn to analyze theoretical approaches and apply them to specific case studies.

*This class takes place in-person Tuesdays & Thursdays at 19:00 in VH 2000.

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