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Placement Organization: VestaChat
Position Title: Marketing/Business development
Number of Possible Placements Available: 2
Working Site’s Location: Remote/Online

Company Bio:

At VestaChat, we help small and medium sized businesses communicate with their customers via text messaging. From our web-based platform companies can send both one–way and two-way text messages.

For two-way messages you have the ability to use your current business phone number - even if it is a land line. For companies without a business line we offer phone numbers at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. These numbers can also be used for receiving and making phone calls.

We help business increase customer engagement, retention and revenue.

Job Description:

Development and execution of a strategic business development / marketing plan with the goal of increasing month over month user-ship and revenue.


• Content creation for various marketing outlets including social media platforms, blogs, newsletter, online ads, or other relevant marketing avenues (flyers, posters, etc)
• Maintaining/updating social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
• Survey of our online presence and update to make consistent across all outlets/platforms (i.e twitter, facebook, website, etc
• Creating, promoting/marketing and implementing promotional events
• Investor relations
• Graphics and video creation for promotional content
• Contacting potential customers to fill sales pipeline
• Researching and connecting with other complimentary companies to explore potential partnerships to expand VestaChat’s reach and increase brand awareness
• Other tasks as assigned related to marketing initiatives


• A Positive Attitude
• Creativity/ Innovation
• Good Problem- Solving Skills
• Fun, Easy-Going, Flexible
• Reliable
• Good Work-Ethic/ Disciplined /Dedicated
• Honest/ Respectful
• Encouraging of Others
• Good Interpersonal Skills
• Organized/Good-Planning Skills/ Goal Oriented
• Strong Desire to Succeed/Achieve Goals