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Bernice Lo

Bernice Lo

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Bernice Lo

comn alumna bernice lo

BA Honours, Communication Studies 2005

Associate Creative Director/Art Director of Publicis Toronto

Since graduating from York University, I've been lucky enough to find a career in the field I went to school for: Advertising. Getting my degree in the Communications Studies program really helped excel my knowledge and experience before I enrolled in the Advertising program at Seneca College.The Communications Studies program gave me a good foundation to further my education while still obtaining the degree. Especially in a field like Advertising and Marketing, learning the fundamentals and history on how we communicate as human beings within our society, but also how the media communicates with the public, really helped me grow as a person and as a future advertiser.
One specific course I took that I really enjoyed, and also found really helped shape my understanding of how media outlets tend to communicate in order to shift perspectives, was the linguistics course. It was extremely interesting and eye-opening to not only learn about our English language as a way of communicating with one another, but how perspectives can be manipulated based on simple word choices by journalists and media companies. I would highly recommend taking this class, as the things I learned have made an impact on how I view the world

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