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Phil Darlington

Phil Darlington

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Phil Darlington

comn alumnus Phil Darlington

BA Honours, Communication Studies 2013

Currently: Weather Specialist Global Edmonton

I was interning for a few months after graduation, when I got a call back for a Video journalist position in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I spent almost two and a half years there covering every imaginable story. From crime and court cases, to natural disasters, to business, and human interest pieces. Shortly after I began, a weather anchor left, and I auditioned for the role. I got it, and performed the role of Weather Anchor as well as Video journalist until I was called back by CTV Regina. I moved to Regina, Saskatchewan in early 2016 and worked as the CTV Morning Live Regina Weather specialist for two and a half years. Not only was I doing weather on the morning show, but I was also a co-host, and I conducted interviews during the live three hour daily show. I left the show in the summer of 2018 for an opportunity With Global Edmonton, as a Weather Specialist. My Current role has me on the 11 O'clock show, but I also cover weather stories, as well as do live field reporting for the 5 and 6 pm shows.The Communications program at York University was an obvious add on to my diploma from Seneca College in Broadcast Journalism. Overall I did not realize it at first, but my time spent getting the degree opened up my mind to understand how and why journalists, viewers, and broadcasters write, create, act, and react to stories and news. It also gave me a platform with which to see the media from the point of view of an advertiser. For my current role, or should I ever work in marketing or communications it, combined with my years in media, make for a powerful set of tools.

Last updated October 2018