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Yousra Zaki

Yousra Zaki

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Yousra Zaki

comn alumna Yousra Zaki

BA Honours, Communication Studies 2013

Currently: Features Editor, Gulf News

After graduating with a Bachelors of Communication from York, I moved to Dubai and got my first job at a global communications agency called Edelman. I worked there for two years, before I had a chance meeting with an editor (my comms job involved a lot of media networking, so I was familiar with many who work in the journalism field). After a few hours of chatting, said editor offered me a job at a newspaper. Journalism was always my dream job, but I was told that Communications would provide for more job opportunities. I started working at Gulf News, the biggest English newspaper in the UAE and one of the best in the Middle East region. I have recently been promoted to Features Editor where I can write about anything I want, as long as it’s a great story to tell.

The Communications program at York taught me so much about critical thinking and questioning everything around you. Some of the most impactful courses to me was Advertising and Society, The political economy of communication, Communication in Everyday Life.

Last updated January 2019