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DARE: 2020 Winners

A message from the Dean of LA&PS and the Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies

Meet some of our DARE undergraduate researchers

Aneri Patel

DARE Project: The Design of Effective Parametric Insurance Products
Programs of Study:
Economics and Psychology
Project Supervisor:
Tsvetanka Karagyozova

"Having understood the steps of conducting a research study, I feel more confident in my abilities as an Economics student. I believe my analytical and critical thinking skills have been further refined during this process."

View Aneri's research poster.

Watch Aneri's research presentation.

Annie Park

DARE Project: English for Academic Purposes: Charting the Canadian Post-Secondary Landscape
Program of Study:
Professional Writing
Project Supervisor:
James Corcoran

"Participating in a research project, despite being an undergraduate student, was an extraordinary experience. While I have researched before for undergraduate classes, DARE gave me the rare opportunity to apply these research skills to a real-life project."

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Arianna Russo

DARE Project: Video Games: The Use of the Past as Entertainment
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Marcel Martel

"Throughout my DARE experience, I have discovered the immense value in melding popular interests with academia. I feel that many students would be particularly interested in learning traditional academic material if it was delivered via a medium that they were not only passionate about, but which also allowed them to be actively engaged in the learning process."

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Arshad Desai

DARE Project: Mining Data from Newspapers: Domestic Service in Twentieth Century Jamaica
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Michele Johnson

"I enjoyed the data extraction and analysis aspect of the project the most. As a History major, Black Canadian Studies Certificate recipient, and incoming History Master’s student, I enjoy working with primary sources, particularly sources in relation to Black history."

View Arshad's research poster.

Celeste Scott

DARE Project: Best practices & lessons learned in wildfire evacuation
Program of Study:
Disaster and Emergency Management
Project Supervisor:
Eric Kennedy

"The experience I had with the DARE program has been amazing and I am so glad I was able to be part of this! I hope that this program becomes more well-known at York so other students can experience the same benefits of the program that I have."

View Celeste's research poster.

Listen to Celeste's research presentation.

Cheryl Lanthier

DARE Project: Second Language Teacher Education and Development
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Antonella Valeo

"My supervisor provided me with a very experiential learning environment which allowed for a greater sense of ownership of the project. This made for a very rewarding and enjoyable experience."

View Cheryl's research poster.

Dyllan Goldstein

DARE Project: Protest in Toronto 1995-2020
Program of Study:
Disaster and Emergency Management
Project Supervisor:
Lesley Wood

"The most impactful part of my DARE experience has been seeing the different ways that knowledge and research can be pursued and developed. I learned about several research techniques such as network analysis and web scraping."

View Dyllan's research poster.

Emma Willert

DARE Project: Marx’s ‘Capital’: A Global History of Translation, Dissemination and Reception
Programs of Study:
Political Science and Sociology
Project Supervisor:
Marcello Musto

"Through the DARE Program I have gained research experience that undergraduates rarely have the opportunity to earn. I highly recommend the program to motivated undergraduate students seeking opportunities to develop their academic skillset."

View Emma's research poster.

Watch Emma's research presentation.

Enxhi Daci

DARE Project: Between Social Infrastructure and Social Innovation: Bidding for Urban Investment in the Smart City
Program of Study:
Urban Studies
Project Supervisor:
Teresa Abbruzzese

"DARE has provided valuable research experience that has prepared me for graduate studies. This is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students, and I am grateful that the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies is dedicated to resourcing undergraduate students with such amazing opportunities."

View Enxhi's research poster.

Eyram Agbe

DARE Project: Urbanization, gender and the Global South: A transformative knowledge network (GenUrb)
Program of Study:
International Development Studies
Project Supervisor:
Linda Peake

"The most enjoyable part of the experience was figuring new things out. It is very thrilling to learn something new about an academic concept or software you are familiar with, more so when you have had time to deeply engage with it."

View Eyram's research poster.

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Faith-Valentine Uzoka

DARE Project: Towards a Large-scale Video Processing System
Program of Study:
Information Technology
Project Supervisor:
Xiaohui Yu

"It has been fast paced and I have been required to learn new things on the go, things that I might not have learned during my Information Technology courses. As a result, I am more open to exploring different elements of Information Technology that I am not familiar with."

View Faith-Valentine's research poster.

Listen to Faith-Valentine's research presentation.

Fernanda Sierra

DARE Project: From the Archive to the Stage: Cultural Production of Biographical Testimonies from the African Diaspora
Program of Study:
Culture & Expression
Project Supervisor:
David Trotman

View Fernanda's research poster.

Watch Fernanda's research presentation.

Hana Hasegawa

DARE Project: The Hastings Park Detention Site
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Mona Oikawa

"This experience taught me essential skills on how to conduct proper academic research, challenged me to think critically and enabled me to become familiar with the scholarship concerning this area of research. I am confident that what I learned through the DARE program will aid me in achieving and succeeding in my future aspirations."

View Hana's research poster.

Listen to Hana's research presentation.

Hasan Arshad

DARE Project: COVID-19 and the World of Work
Program of Study:
Human Resource Management
Project Supervisor:
Kelly Pike

"The thing I most enjoyed about the DARE program was taking the time to develop my research skills. Albeit I had some background on how to look for information, I was not aware of how many resources there are available on the Internet until I spent the time looking through them."

View Hasan's research poster.

Listen to Hasan's research presentation.

Humayra Rashid Safa

DARE Project: Green Jobs in a Rising Africa
Program of Study:
International Development Studies
Project Supervisor:
Nathanael Ojong

"The DARE project directly relates to my ambition. As someone who wants to work in the education and community engagement area, working in research is a stepping stone of my career. I plan to pursue graduate school after I am done with my undergraduate degree, where I hope to conduct research on sustainability at a larger scale."

View Humayra's research poster.

Listen to Humayra's research presentation.

Ijaabo Mohamed

DARE Project: Brutality, Abolition, and Legacies of Oppression: A Black Muslim Perspective on the Black Lives Matter Movement
Program of Study:
Social Work
Project Supervisor:
Chris Chapman

"My DARE experience showed me the importance of research. I learned how to read quickly and summarize readings in concise ways, only pulling the most fundamental takeaways."

View Ijaabo's research poster.

Watch Ijaabo's research presentation.

Jason Tong

DARE Project: Evolution of Cybersecurity Risk Management in the Context of Cloud Computing
Program of Study:
Information Technology
Project Supervisor:
Jiang He

"This experience will help me achieve my life and career goal as it provides me with both theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge which will be beneficial for me in the workplace."

View Jason's research poster.

Jessica Adevor

DARE Project: Assessing Canada’s Women’s Empowerment Programs in Africa
Program of Study:
Business & Society
Project Supervisor:
Sylvia Bawa

"Researching my home country was an enjoyable experience because it confirmed the non-existence of a monolith and despite pandemic limitations, that was a worthwhile endeavour. But most of all working with Dr. Bawa, a Ghanaian feminist professor eliminated the need for potentially problematic discussions some scholars have about certain countries. That fundamental understanding laid the groundwork for seamless research."

View Jessica's research poster.

Jessica Da Silva

DARE Project: Comparative Studies of Digital Writing and Feelings
Programs of Study:
Humanities and Professional Writing
Project Supervisor:
Rich Shivener

"I learned that in order to research efficiently you need to stay in your research for long periods of time. While the organizational parts of a project may be tedious, the excitement at the end when you can make a hypothesis is worth it."

View Jessica's research poster.

Listen to Jessica's research presentation.

Joanne Ong

DARE Project: China’s Urbanization in the Urban Age: A Scenic Approach
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Cary Wu

"From DARE, I came to know that the desire to learn requires I be critical, persistent and focussed on the experience, not just exposed to the material. By reconsidering my outlook, I was able to transform my learning strategies and develop a greater sense of curiosity."

View Joanne's research poster.

Listen to Joanne's research presentation.

Kaila Gallacher

DARE Project: Toys, Animals and Technological Change
Programs of Study:
Humanities and English
Project Supervisor:
Jody Berland

Leah Perez

DARE Project: Re-Centering the Mediterranean: Refugee Resettlement on the Sicilian Borderland
Programs of Study:
Anthropology and Political Science
Project Supervisor:
Antonio Sorge

View Leah's research poster.

Leroy Milton

DARE Project: Becoming South Asian: Formation of a community in Canada
Program of Study:
Social Work
Project Supervisor:
Tania Das Gupta

"The DARE project has given me many valuable skills to prepare me for my future within a research setting. It has allowed me to improve on my academic writing and research abilities."

View Leroy's research poster.

Mahmood Khan

DARE Project: Inclusive Disaster Management in Canada
Program of Study:
Disaster and Emergency Management
Project Supervisor:
Aaida Mamuji

"As a disaster management student, DARE has provided me with the practical experience of conducting professional research. My professional portfolio has been greatly enhanced by my participation in this program. This experience will be greatly beneficial as I continue to seek employment opportunities in the disaster research field."

View Mahmood's research poster.

Watch Mahmood's research presentation.

Maria Cappelletti

DARE Project: Visualizing the Modern Ocean
Programs of Study:
Anthropology and Environmental Studies
Project Supervisor:
Katharine Anderson

"Knowing that people were thinking about their future regarding nature was enlightening because it made me realize that these same practices that we have now compared to the past ways of thinking.  I also enjoyed the professor helping me create my list of online databases for my future use and me trying to decipher how to use them to their full capacity."

View Maria's research poster.

Watch Maria's research presentation.

Mariam Elzeiny

DARE Project: Pages of Resistance: Analyzing Muslim African Manuscripts in the aftermath of the Mali Slave Uprising in Brazil, 1835
Programs of Study:
Political Science and Cognitive Science
Project Supervisor:
Paul Lovejoy

"This DARE project has introduced me to a body of scholarship and historical knowledge that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. It has certainly provided me with depth of understanding of historical events through learning about the West African use of Maghreb script and the methodology of digital archiving of manuscripts."

View Mariam's research poster.

Watch Mariam's research presentation.

Maryum Saeed

DARE Project: Application of predictive analytics to problems of integrated hydrology
Program of Study:
Information Technology
Project Supervisor:
Marina Erechtchoukova

"The academic exposure to research has also made me consider the possibility of pursuing a masters in machine learning and artificial intelligence once I have completed my undergraduate degree. The DARE program has opened many new opportunities for my future career which has expanded the range of my plans."

View Maryum's research poster.

Listen to Maryum's research presentation.

Mehjabin Kamal

DARE Project: Why Is the Take-up rate of Microinsurance so Low?
Program of Study:
Financial & Business Economics
Project Supervisor:
Tsvetanka Karagyozova

"Throughout the DARE program, I faced some challenges that complemented my growth as an individual and made me even stronger than before, which I consider to be an asset to uphold in the future."

View Mehjabin's research poster.

Watch Mehjabin's research presentation.

Micah Zierer-Clyke

DARE Project: Community/Campus/Indigenous Radio
Programs of Study:
Communication Studies and Business
Project Supervisor:
Anne MacLennan

"This experience will help me in the future as it has taught me invaluable academic and research skills but also simpler soft skills such as patience, accountability and other essential traits for working as a part of a team."

Morag Hegge

DARE Project: Changing the Narrative: Indigenous and Settler Histories at Black Creek Pioneer Village
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Jessica Bonnell

"Over the course of the project I have learned to identify what is relevant from large amounts of material, by looking for common themes and key terms that corresponded to the research focus. Working on this project has also given me a better understanding of local history and geography, and the history of the Indigenous peoples in this region."

View Morag's research poster.

Muhammad Shahmir Masood

DARE Project: Managing money when income is volatile and unpredictable
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Brenda Spotton Visano

"The eye-opening journey I had discovering how the business finance world is changing and moving towards a new cadre of responsible business leaders passionate about ideas such as sustainability and corporate ethics strengthened my resolve in pursuing further education."

View Muhammad's research poster.

Watch Muhammad's research presentation.

Natasha Sarazin

DARE Project: Hispano Canadian Performance and Installation Poetry: Dialogando con el Mundo
Programs of Study:
Spanish and Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Project Supervisor:
Maria Figuerdo

"What I enjoyed about the DARE experience was studying the poetry of the artists and conducting interviews with them.  I felt that talking to the artists expanded on my personal interests and education as part of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program, as well as my understanding of creative processes."

View Natasha's research poster.

Listen to Natasha's research presentation.

Noah Khan

DARE Project: Investigating the role of questions and examples in classroom discourse
Program of Study:
Law & Society
Project Supervisor:
Ibtissem Knouzi

"When viewing the world of research, it can often seem like a very large, rigid, structured realm, as we don’t see the human interactions that went on in its creation. However, having regular meetings with Dr. Knouzi where we talk about the research in a more casual form, have tangential discussions, and build a connection showed me an entirely different side of the research world; a side of camaraderie, friendship, and flexibility."

View Noah's research poster.

Watch Noah's research presentation.

Noorin Pattni

DARE Project: War-affected Youth from DR Congo: Analyzing responses to conflict & strategies of belonging
Programs of Study:
International Development Studies and Psychology
Project Supervisor:
Annie Bunting

"The DARE project has challenged me to go beyond my comfort zone. This was done by going over sensitive material as well as trying to synthesize lengthy material into comprehendible pieces. I was also further able to challenge myself by attempting to read some of the material in French, in particular Dr.Bodineau’s Master and PhD thesis."

View Noorin's research poster.

Watch Noorin's research presentation.

Oghenetejiri Ohwavborua

DARE Project: The Canada Labour Code-Data Analysis Infrastructure (CLC-DAI)
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Leah Vosko

"This experience was very educative as it helped me broaden my knowledge about labour standards in the federally-regulated private sector. While analyzing some variables in the data like regulation violations, legislation violations, and permits, I was able to read parts of the Canada Labour Code which positively helped my research."

View Oghenetejiri's research poster.

Watch Oghenetejiri's research presentation.

Reem Mohammed

DARE Project: Health Risks of Plastic Packaging in the Food, Water and Beverage industries in the Global South. A Case Example from Ghana
Program of Study:
Human Rights & Equity Studies
Project Supervisor:
Jeffrey Squire

"My main takeaway from my DARE experience is learning how to organize and conduct research outside of a “classroom” structure. I found the experience extremely beneficial as it significantly improved and augmented my research skills."

View Reem's research poster.

Watch Reem's research presentation.

Samantha Jones

DARE Project: Developing a Resilience-based Risk Assessment Matrix
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Ali Asgary

"From my DARE experience, I gained valuable hands-on research experience, learned how to use online research tools and uncovered an interest for risk management that I never thought I would have."

View Samantha's research poster.

Watch Samantha's research presentation.

Sara See

DARE Project: Mediating Contagion: International Students Negotiating Media, Policy and Institutional Responses for COVID-19
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Ethel Tungohan

"I enjoyed learning about the process behind qualitative research and then actually conducting it. The participatory aspect of focus group interviews was also a key highlight for me. I also enjoyed working with other RAs and especially the UBC team; the opportunity to learn from others across Canada was a treat."

View Sara's research poster.

Listen to Sara's research presentation.

Shehnaz Islam

DARE Project: Analyzing Exploration in Metaheuristics as a Random Walk
Program of Study:
Information Technology
Project Supervisor:
Stephen Chen

"Through this DARE project, I learned how to gather statistics and turn raw data into useful information that could then be compared with other results."

View Shehnaz's research poster.

Listen to Shehnaz's research presentation.

Sophie Morgan

DARE Project: Visualizing Creative Code
Programs of Study:
Professional Writing and French Studies
Project Supervisor:
Brandee Easter

"Thanks to this experience, I have learned a great deal about coding, visualizing code, digital rhetoric, and the relationship between writing and code. I have also learned about the process of scholarly inquiry, including different ways of conducting research and conceptualizing and presenting academic findings."

View Sophie's research poster.

Watch Sophie's research presentation.

Wenyi Cai

DARE Project: The Pedagogy of Academic Concepts in Multilingual Classroom: Insights from Predictive Brain Theory
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Andrea Valente

"This project aims to integrate resources from psychology, neuroscience, and language pedagogy to support instructors that use English as a lingua franca in their classroom at academic, university settings. To support instructors without a TESL background to get familiar with some language acquisition/learning resources that can be applied to their pedagogy."

View Wenyi's research poster.

Listen to Wenyi's research presentation.

Yelyzaveta Barkova

DARE Project: Cooperation as an Input in Production
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Karen Bernhardt-Walther

"It is exciting to finally see that the hard work pays off and I am maturing as an economist. Being a part of the project is a sobering experience as well. It helped me understand that being a good student is not enough to become a good professional, and that many skills should be developed outside the classroom."

View Yelyzaveta's research poster.

Watch Yelyzaveta's research presentation.

Alissar Abdo

DARE Project: A Transnational Geneology of “Laicity” in Québec
Program of Study:
Law & Society
Project Supervisor:
Amelie Barras

"I learned to use the library databases to identify relevant sources across multiple disciplines; analyze, synthesize, and organize media and governmental representations; and write summaries of relevant articles, while collaborating with the supervisor."

View Alissar's research poster.

Daniel Fernandes

DARE Project:Exploring robo-advising’s implications for disaster resilience
Program of Study:
Project Supervisor:
Chris Robinson

Georgios Fournaris

DARE Project: The Greek Revolution War pensions and the history of the revolution veterans (1830s-1850)
Program of Study:
Political Science
Project Supervisor:
Athanasios Gekas

"What was most fascinating about this project was being able examine this unique primary source, and to witness the meticulous detail that went into creating the catalog."

View Georgios's research poster.

Jasraj Khokhar

DARE Project: The Feldstein-Horioka Puzzle and MENA
Program of Study:
Financial and Business Economics
Project Supervisor:
George Georgopoulos

"My future career choices will be a function of the newfound knowledge of the process of academic writing in economics."

Lior Magalashvili

DARE Project: Clickwrap Attack: Understanding Digital Clickwraps and the Online Privacy Threat
Project Supervisor:
Jonathan Obar

"Throughout the process, I am further developing my ability to collaborate with others, to develop a methodology, analyse content, and apply research methods. I am also learning more about myself, which includes: what I enjoy doing, what I am passionate about researching, and how far I can push myself to be a better version of myself every day."

View Lior's research poster.

Watch Lior's research presentation.

Tenzin Chozin

DARE Project: Demand for Microinsurance in Canada
Program of Study: Financial and Business Economics
Project Supervisor:
Ida Ferrara and Tsvetanka Karagyozova

"I hope that our research will help promote the development of affordable and accessible insurance in Canada."

View Tenzin's research poster.

Watch Tenzin's research presentation.