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Laura Naish

Laura Naish

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Laura Naish

spanish studies alumna Laura Naish

Spanish '12

Teaching Spanish Abroad

Since graduating from York, Laura has been teaching on the island of Saba in the Dutch Caribbean (formerly part of the Netherlands Antilles). She teaches Spanish and Mathematics to students Grades 8 to 11. The work is challenging but rewarding, and she enjoys being able to teach both subjects. Saba is a beautiful island, home to only 1500 residents, and very different from the GTA! A pleasant surprise upon landing on the island, however, was learning that there is a significant population of Colombians and Dominicans so Laura can still enjoy the Latino culture here, and put her Spanish to good use outside of the classroom!

Travelling in the Caribbean

Working in the Caribbean has its advantages, the biggest being the proximity to other islands. Since graduate from York, Laura has been able to visit many of the islands surrounding Saba, including St. Maarten, St. Kitts, St. Barths and most recently, Jamaica. All the islands are beautiful and full of culture and she has learned a lot about the Caribbean. For example, Laura didn't know that Spain had colonized so many islands, including Saba, before it was taken over again by the Dutch. Her next stop: the island she has most wanted to visit since going there… Puerto Rico!

Bringing Spanish Teaching Back Home

In the near future, Laura plans to return to Canada to find a teaching position, hopefully teaching Spanish. She plans to complete an additional qualification course in order to receive her Honours Specialist qualification to teach Spanish.