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Liana Jaikissoon

Liana Jaikissoon

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Liana Jaikissoon

spanish studies alumna Liana Jaikissoon

International Development Studies and Spanish '11

Spanish at Work!

After graduating from York, Liana worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Trinidad and Tobago as the desk officer for Central America. Her portfolio consisted of attending sessions between her home country and Panama for the conclusion of a Partial Scope Agreement between both nations. Liana put both her previous majors to good use since "during these sessions, I had to use my Spanish to converse with the Panamanian delegation." In addition to working full-time, Liana began volunteering at an orphanage in Trinidad where they have been trying to introduce a Spanish Program.

Travel after York

Since graduating, Liana has also travelled. Having explored the Americas, she decided to visit friends that she had met at York and who were living in Dubai. "Travelling after university was very liberating and it was fantastic to experience to visit such a unique place after having been so immersed in the Latin American and Caribbean culture for such a long time."

Future Studies

After her post-graduation year of work and travel, Liana decided to continue her studies. In September 2011, she began an MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Columbia University in New York City. We'll keep you posted on what exciting endeavours Liana takes on next!