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Conferences & Media

See our faculty members presenting at prestigious and authoritative conferences worldwide.

Faculty MemberConference Title/Media recognitionYear
Kiyoko TorataniCo-hosted an international virtual meeting, “Workshop on Typology of Ideophones” with a colleague in Japan.2022
Kiyoko Toratani,
Liisa Duncan,
& Ahrong Lee
Kiyoko Toratani, Liisa Duncan, and Ahrong Lee co-organized and co-hosted “The 16th International Conference on Role and Reference Grammar” (online).2021
Kiyoko TorataniKiyoko Toratani was interviewed by National Post reporter about the names of North American sushi rolls; the story appeared in their long-running annual series, Oh, The Humanities!2021
Maria FigueredoDr. Figueredo was interviewed by Osvaldo Mesquita on OMNI Television's CANADA LATINO show about the Uruguayan community in Toronto and Spanish speakers in the city. The interview focused on Dr. Figueredo's community engaged research.2020
Themis AravossitasRethinking Language, Diversity and Education conference hosted by the University of the Aegean in Rhodes, Greece.2015
Philipp AngermeyerCo-organizing a conference on multilingualism and interpreting in settings of globalization. The conference is part of a collaboration project with Dr. Katrijn Maryns at Ghent University which is supported by an LA&PS Seed Grant for International Collaborations.2015
Walid El KhachabArab Canadian Studies conference with support from SSHRC ($20,000) and LAPS, Founders, and DLLL ($4,000). The conference brought twenty scholars and graduate students from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and London, UK, together. The funds will also help to publish a book about immigration and transnational citizenship which will be based on the papers submitted to the conference.2014
James WalkerAs part of a report on Canadian English in the National Post, James Walker was interviewed about the differences between Canadian and American varieties of English.2014
Jana Vizmuller-Zocco and Roberta Iannacita-ProvenzanoJana Vizmuller-Zocco and Roberta Iannacita-Provenzano were interviewed by Sarah Mastroianni for an article about multicultural Toronto and speakers of Italian in the city. The article appeared in Panoramitaliano.2014
Jessica LiAs the organizer of the research workshop on cultural translation and Chinese-Canadian Studies, Jessica Li was interviewed by several news outlets including Fair Child TV, OMNI II TV News Report and by Ming Pao Toronto Edition News.
Jana Vizmuller-Zocco and Roberta Iannacito-ProvenzanoThe international conference “Social Media: Implications for Politics, Religion and Gender”  held at York. Professor Vizmuller-Zocco and Iannacito-Provenzano also edited a volume entitled Social Media: Implications for the University. This publication is the result of the 2013 conference on social media and their consequences for higher education.2014
James WalkerActed as program committee chair and organized the annual meeting of the Canadian Linguistics Association at Brock University.2014
Jessica LiOrganized a research workshop on “Cultural Translation and Chinese-Canadian Studies” at the York University Centre for Asian Research.2014
Gabriele MuellerOrganized the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of University Teachers of German at Brock University.2014