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Check out our faculty’s dynamic, ground-breaking research, which is being published in academic journals and publications worldwide. We hope our research inspires and helps your work. Please feel free to reach out for collaboration opportunities.

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The Language of Food in Japanese book cover

The Language of Food in Japanese:
Cognitive perspectives and beyond

Edited by Kiyoko Toratani

Many studies on the language of food examine English or adopt discourse analysis. This volume makes a fresh attempt to analyze Japanese, focusing on non-discursive units. It offers state-of-the-art data-oriented studies, including methods of analysis in line with Cognitive Linguistics. It orchestrates relatable and intriguing topics, from sound-symbolism in rice cracker naming to meanings of aesthetic sake taste terms. The chapters show that the language of food in Japanese is multifaceted: for instance, expressivity is enhanced by ideophones, as sensory words iconically depicting perceptual experiences and as nuanced words flexibly participating in neologization; context-sensitivity is exemplified by words deeply imbued with socio-cultural constructs; creativity is portrayed by imaginative expressions grounded in embodied experience. The volume will be a valuable resource for students and researchers, not only in linguistics but also in neighboring disciplines, who seek deeper insights into how language interacts with food in Japanese or any other language.

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Cover of the book The Hyphen: And Other Thoughts From the In-Between

Maria João Maciel Jorge

Maria João Maciel Jorge, professor and Associate Dean of Global and Community Engagement, released her newest book, The Hyphen: And ...

Cover of the book Reconstructions of Canadian Identity

Vander Tavares (Editor) & Maria João Maciel Jorge (Editor)

In Reconstructions of Canadian Identity: Towards Diversity and Inclusion, editors Professor Maciel Jorge and Vander Tavares bring together diverse perspectives to ...

book cover

Co-edited by Emiro Martínez-Osorio

La Araucana (1569 – 2019), a special issue of Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos Published in three separate installments in ...

Book Cover

Emiro Martínez-Osorio

The epic poems written during the rise of Portugal and Spain on the global stage often dealt with topics quite ...

computer assisted language learning book cover

Anwar Ahmed

This book is an attempt to pay deliberate attention to some silences on issues of social, cultural, and political importance that ...

The Language of Food in Japanese book cover

Kiyoko Toratani

Many studies on the language of food examine English or adopt discourse analysis. This volume makes a fresh attempt to ...

Language Diversity In Greece: Local Challenges with International Implications

Themistoklis Aravossitas

This volume explores how linguistic and cultural diversity in Greece, caused by various waves of emigration and immigration, has transformed ...

Experimental and Independent Italian Cinema: Legacies and Transformations into the Twenty-First Century book cover

Carlo Coen

Examines independent and experimental Italian cinema within its historical and cultural context - Places Italian independent and experimental film within ...

Hindi Publishing in Colonial Lucknow book cover

Shobna Nijhawan

Hindi Publishing in Colonial Lucknow centers on the literary activities emerging out of the publishing house Ganga Pustak Mala in colonial ...

The Transcultural Streams of Chinese Canadian Identities book cover

Jessica Tsui-yan Li

Highlighting the geopolitical and economic circumstances that have prompted migration from Hong Kong and mainland China to Canada, The Transcultural ...

Incorruptible Love: The K.H. Ting Story

Jia Ma

K. H. Ting (1915–2012) was an important Christian leader and theologian in China. Indeed, since the late-1970s, he has been ...

Handbook of Research and Practice in Heritage Language Education

Themistoklis Aravossitas

This volume covers the multidimensional and international field of Heritage Language Education, including concepts, practices, and the correlation between culture ...

Creation Sounds: Music, Gender and Performativity in Contemporary Latin American Literature

Maria Figueredo

In this book Professor Maria Figueredo considers the role of music in multi-mediated formats that privilege the performative elements of ...

interdisciplicary Research Approaches to Multilingual Education

Themistoklis Aravossitas

Recently intensified global mobility has reinforced the interest for ethnolinguistic diversity and multilingualism in education and society. Interdisciplinary Research Approaches to ...

Uploaded To The Changing Place of Europe in Global Memory Cultures: Usable Pasts and Futures book cover

Christina Kraenzle

Christina Kraenzle (with co-editor Maria Mayr): The Changing Place of Europe in Global Memory Cultures: Usable Pasts and Futures (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)

Language Contact in Africa and the African Diaspora in the Americas

Philipp Angermeyer

Language Contact in Africa and the African Diaspora in the Americas brings together the original research of nineteen leading scholars on ...