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Funded Research

Our top notch research is frequently successful in grant competitions and winning other financial awards. We're honoured to see our work recognized as being among the world's best. We invite you to browse some of our best work listed below and seek inspiration for your projects.

Faculty MemberProject TitleResearch GrantYear
Chandan NarayanLinguistic doppelgängers and the phonological nature of bilingual lexical processingSSHRC Insight Development Grant2021
Ibtissem Knouzi, Saskia Van Viegen and Olga MakininaFostering Instructor Professional Learning and Student Success through the Implementation of a Genre-based Pedagogy in an ESL CourseYUFA Teaching-Learning Development Grant2020
Jacqueline Ng, Heejin Song and Olga MakininaBringing Canadian Culture into the ESL Classroom: Connecting Students with Communities in the Context of Blended LearningYUFA Teaching-Learning Development Grant2020
Olga Makinina, Jacqueline Ng and Heejin SonThinking about Contemporary Canada (ESL 1450)Academic Innovation Fund (AIF). Category II: Curricular Innovation2020
James CorcoranEnglish for Academic Purposes: Charting the Canadian Post-Secondary Landscape, Phase IILA&PS Minor Research Grant2020
James CorcoranEnglish for Academic Purposes: Charting the Canadian Post-Secondary Landscape, Phase ISSHRC Explore Grant2020
Sheila Embleton (with Dorin Uritescu and Eric Wheeler)A Data-Driven Study of the Concept of DialectSSHRC Insight Grant
James CorcoranThe Longer-term Impact of a Research Writing Course on Plurilingual Scholars' Beliefs and PracticesRenison University College Grant2018
Sheila Embleton (Project Member)
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Edmondson
Names and Identity in Roman Spain, project ADOPIASSHRC Partnership Grant2018
Sheila Embleton (with Roopa Desai Trilokekar, Qiang Zha and Ruth Hayhoe)China, India and the Challenge to Canada's 'Diplomacy of Knowledge': A Comparative Study of the Internationalization of Higher EducationSSHRC Insight Development Grant
Geoff LawrenceExamining Telecollaboration in Graduate Language Teacher EducationInternational Collaboration Grant
Jessica Li“Cultural Translation and Canadian-Chinese Studies" research workshopSSHRC Connection Grant
Ruth King (Principal Investigator).
Co-Investigators: Philip Comeau, Université du Québec à Montréal & Carmen L. LeBlanc, Carleton University; Collaborator: Gary R. Butler, York University
Dialect Contact and the Sociolinguistic History of Acadian FrenchSSHRC Insight Grant $242,9072013-2019
Sheila Embleton (with Dorin Uritescu and Eric Wheeler)The Nature of Dialect: Exploring Dialect Relationships with an Expanded Online Dialect AtlasSSHRC Insight Grant
James CorcoranEnglish as the International Language of Science: Latin American Scholars' Experiences with Writing for PublicationSSHRC Doctoral Fellowship2011-2015
Sheila EmbletonThe Romanian Online Dialect Atlas IISSHRC Standard Research Grant