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AP/KOR 4050 6.0 Advanced Korean for Business

AP/KOR 4050 6.0 Advanced Korean for Business

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AP/KOR 4050 6.00

Advanced Korean for Business

The goal of the course is to provide students with linguistic proficiency at a level that allows them to conduct business activities as well as practical information they need in coping with Korean business settings. This course introduces specialized vocabulary and expressions used in a wide range of business settings in Korea while covering current topics of business and financial markets of Korea at the same time. In addition, Korean business etiquette, Korean customs, and culture will also be discussed via various resources such as TV or newspaper commercials, serialized television programming (or "drama") clips, picture books, magazines, songs, movies, etc. in order for students to acquire the practical knowledge of major aspects of Korean business practice. Students are expected to understand the communication patterns and pragmatics in Korean business environment and develop critical thinking and cultural awareness through different responses in situational dialogues. Some Hanja (Sino-Korean characters) will also be introduced to improve students' understanding of the Korean language used in everyday conversations as well as in professional business settings.