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AP/SP 2020 6.0 Intermediate Spanish Abroad

AP/SP 2020 6.0 Intermediate Spanish Abroad

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AP/SP 2020 6.00

Intermediate Spanish Abroad

This course involves the intensive study of the Spanish language at the intermediate level as well as of the culture of the Spanish-speaking country of immersion, four weeks at York University and four weeks in the Spanish-language locale. Interaction with native speakers through cultural activities and excursions complements in-class development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through written exercises, compositions, oral presentations, and conversations. Course materials highlight the history and socio-cultural context of the destination country.
Prerequisites: AP/SP 1000 6.00 or Permission of the Program. Course credit exclusions: AP/SP 1050 6.00, AP/SP 2000 6.00, AP/SP 2010 6.00, GL/SP 1520 6.00.
Note: Students who are Spanish-speakers are NOT allowed to enrol in AP/SP 1000 6.00, AP/SP 2000 6.00 or AP/SP 2020 6.00. The grammatical and the cultural components in AP/SP 2010 6.00 treat those aspects of Spanish that especially challenge the abilities of the native speaker.