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Jane Oczkowski

Jane Oczkowski

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Jane Oczkowski

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Creative Writing '11

Jane's first book is Watching Traffic, from Groundwood Books.

She won the House of Anansi's Broken Social Scene Story Contest in 2013.

"The mix of lectures and workshops allowed me to learn the technical skills behind creating well-written stories and poems while providing a supportive environment to experiment and grow creatively. Through intensive reading and discussion of other writers’ works, I was able to see first-hand how the techniques we were learning could be put into action. Although there were certain writing styles we focused on throughout the course, I always felt encouraged to find my own voice as a writer. The professors fostered an environment of community rather than competition during the workshops while still allowing us to present constructive criticism to our fellow students. The workshops taught me to read my own work more objectively as well as provided a sounding board when trying out new techniques and ideas."