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John Nyman

John Nyman

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John Nyman

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Creative Writing '12

John now also holds a Masters degree in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory at McMaster, and is currently working on a PhD in Theory and Criticism at Western. In 2016 he published his first book of poems, Players.

"I think most of all the Creative Writing program offered a small community in a big university. While the students in my English and humanities classes were many and varied (I maintained connections with very few of them after graduating), the CW students at my year level were a small group of unique students I had a lot in common with, and who I had a chance to get to know well (not just personally but artistically and professionally) by graduation.

My professors in Creative Writing didn't just see me as a student; they saw me as an active creative and critical thinker who could contribute meaningfully to their academic life and work. Even though they had plenty to teach me, every class (including lectures, but especially the small tutorial groups) felt like a collaborative space where different opinions were honoured and deeply considered.

Being in classes like these made me more passionate about my coursework than I could have expected; improving my analytic skills and writing better assignments felt productive and rewarding. It also made me confident that my professors saw me as a human being, that they were willing to adapt their teaching to my goals and interests, and that they would be understanding of any obstacles that impacted my learning."