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Our Research

Our faculty members are among the leading voices in their fields. Their ground-breaking research and creative works have taken many forms, including novels, works of literary criticism, edited anthologies, public lectures, documentary films, and poems. True to the spirit of interdisciplinary, creative, and politically engaged inquiry that has long been central to York University’s mission, these publications have earned plaudits from audiences around the world. Learn more about some of our recent publications by browsing the book covers below.

Featured Publication

Collage of maps with black title: "Heterotopic World Fiction: Thinking beyond Biopolitics with Woolf, Foucault, Ondaatje"

Heterotopic World Fiction: Thinking Beyond Biopolitics with Woolf, Foucault, Ondaatje

Lesley Higgins and Marie-Christine Leps

After more than a century of genocides and in the midst of a global pandemic, this book focuses on the critique of biopolitics (the government of life through individuals and the general population) and the counterdevelopment of biopoetics (an aesthetics of life elaborating a self as a practice of freedom) realized in texts by Virginia Woolf, Michel Foucault, and Michael Ondaatje. Their world fiction produces transhistorical, transnational experiences offered to the reader for collective responsibility in these critical times. Their books function as heterotopias: spaces and processes that recall and confront regimes of recognized truths to dismantle fixed identities and actualize possibilities for becoming other. Higgins and Leps define and explore a slant, biopoetic perspective that is feminist, materialist, anti-racist, and anti-war.

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A telescope on a patio with a sunset in the background.

Allan Weiss

Telescope is a story cycle about Lawrence Teitel, the protagonist of Living Room (Boheme Press, 2001). The collection deals with seeing distances: above ...

Traduire les voix de la nature book cover

Agnes Whifield

Ethical questions concerning humans’ relationship to nature have so far gained little attention in Translation Studies, whereas an eco-critical shift ...

virginia woolf, music, sound, language book cover

Elicia Clements

Arguing that sound is integral to Virginia Woolf's understanding of literature, Elicia Clements highlights how the sonorous enables Woolf to ...

Black and white photo of a human skiull

Brett Zimmerman

Edgar Allan Poe: Amateur Psychologist is the "first and foremost" major source of information dedicated to the theme of Poe ...

the charge in the global membrane book cover

B.W. Powe

A new book by York University Professor B.W. Powe explores the radical transformation of consciousness and sensibility through the advent ...

practice book cover

Marcus Boon

The first anthology to investigate what contemporary notions of practice mean for art, tracing their development and speculating on where ...

data mining and the deceased: ancestry & the business of family book cover

Julia Creet

Genealogy is the largest historical enterprise in the world and one of the largest data mining operations, driven by the ...

after identity mennonite writing in north america book cover

Robert Zacharias

For decades, the field of Mennonite literature has been dominated by the question of Mennonite identity. After Identity: Mennonite Writing in ...

Anonymous Connections: The Body and Narratives of the Social in Victorian Britain book cover

Tina Choi

Anonymous Connections asks how the Victorians understood the ethical, epistemological, and biological implications of social belonging and participation. Specifically, Tina Choi ...

Shakespeare and hospitality book cover

David Goldstein

This volume focuses on hospitality as a theoretically and historically crucial phenomenon in Shakespeare's work with ramifications for contemporary thought ...

staging food and drink in early modern england book cover

David Goldstein

Eating and drinking—vital to all human beings—were of central importance to Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Culinary Shakespeare, the first collection devoted ...

Lost Originals book cover

David Goldstein

49th Shelf Most Anticipated Fall 2016 Poetry Preview Selection Translation is the extrovert, metaphor the introvert. Without translation, there is ...

translating the voices of theory book cover

Agnes Whifield

The way in which theoretical discourses travel from one linguistic and cultural context to another, and the transformations they undergo ...

three inquiries in buddhism book cover

Marcus Boon

Though contemporary European philosophy and critical theory have long had a robust engagement with Christianity, there has been no similar ...

the collected works of gerard manley hopkins book cover

Lesley Higgins

This volume, the latest in Oxford's edition of The Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins, presents Hopkins at his most private ...

apocalypse and alchemy book cover

B.W. Powe

Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye are two of Canada’s central cultural figures, colleagues and rivals whose careers unfolded in curious ...