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Normative Animals - Online Conference

What are the psychological and evolutionary foundations of moral and social norms? Are these normative capacities uniquely human, or are they also present in other species? How might the presence of normativity in nonhuman animals change our ethical obligations towards them? This two-day online conference will bring together an international group of philosophers, primatologists, and […]

Burma in the Context of Global Uprising against Militarized Violence Roundtable

Register at:   In his response to a student in Burma asking for some consideration given the violence happening around them, a York University Math instructor wrote: “people don’t get shot for just protesting, but for a lot deeper reasons.” The reality is that people are randomly murdered by the security forces in Burma, […]

Head Tax Redress: Voice, Presence, Power

You are invited to a virtual roundtable to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the Head Tax Redress Apology  Register in advance at:  For 22 years, the Chinese Canadian National Council spearheaded a national movement seeking redress for those who paid the Chinese Head Tax. An apology was a minimum. Compensation for payers who were […]

Indigenous History Month Panel hosted by YorkU History Department

Our inaugural round table panel is open to all members of the History Department, as well as the general public. Our vision is to teach, sensitize, and spotlight some of the many burdens Indigenous historians confront on a day-to-day basis. Much physical and emotional work is carried out by Indigenous peoples throughout the year, especially […]

Predictive Cities: VR Exhibition and Public Colloquium

Next week (1 July 2021) Melissa Butcher, Sarah Keenan, Joel McKim and Scott Rodgers engage in a roundtable discussion with Manu Luksch about her VR Exhibition Predictive Cities. The live colloquium, hosted by the BISR Urban Intersections Experimental Collective, will also be recorded and made available as a podcast. The Predictive Cities exhibition - sponsored by the BISR Urban Intersections Experimental Collective, running from 16 June – 31 August 2021 - is situated in […]

Book Launch | Tea: A Concoction of Dissonance

 Launch for the new book, Tea: A Concoction of Dissonance. The book is a collaborative work of poetry (bilingual-Tamil and English) and art on tea by two poets and an artist. The book is a creative expression of the socio-political, historical, and colonial contexts of tea alongside gender roles and domesticity in the process of […]