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Undergraduate Curriculum Resources

We know that a great amount of energy goes into creating and maintain curricular excellence and innovation for our undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies. To assist in this process, please explore the degree expectations and learning outcome information for your program.

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Degree Expectations

The Guidelines for University Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations were developed by the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents, and act as a framework for the expression of degree level expectations of graduates of Baccalaureate/Bachelors programs of Ontario’s publicly assisted universities. The guidelines express the expected learning outcomes, skills, and creative and intellectual development that all Ontario university undergraduates should possess upon completion of their degree.

See OCAV Guidelines: Degree-Level Expectations (UUDLEs) (PDF)

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Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are statements about what program graduates are expected to be able do and know upon successful completion of their program, as a result of their learning in the program. Program outcomes are established by each undergraduate program and are reviewed as part of the cyclical program review. Proponents of new courses are expected to consult the program learning outcomes and articulate how the course prepares students to meet some of the program learning outcomes upon graduation.

Additional Resources