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Building an eClass Course

To help instructors who are increasingly turning to eClass for online and remote teaching, we have created an LA&PS eClass template.

LA&PS eClass Template

The LA&PS eClass template is an optional template for your consideration and use. It standardizes the top section of the eClass so that students encountering your course for the first time will be guided through important information about how you will run your course. The template can be added to empty eClass shells or eClass courses with pre-existing content. While optional, it is strongly recommended for colleagues who have little to no experience with using eClass. The instructions in the template in square brackets will guide you to include information on your eClass (e.g., by inserting information from your course outline, or deleting pre-written copy as relevant); all other copy is directed towards students.

Once the template has been installed in your own eClass course, you – as the instructor – can edit these elements as you see fit in the following ways:

  • You can remove or add activities in the top section.
  • You can modify or rewrite the pre-written copy.
  • You can move parts of the top section to the topic/weekly sections to reduce user scrolling.
  • You can remove and/or modify the pre-loaded LA&PS course policies (e.g., if you will not be using Zoom in your course, you can remove the policy).
  • You can remove the course syllabus page. Please note that if you remove this page, it will remove the pre-loaded restrictions that were tied to it.

eClass Template Instruction

Watch both LA&PS eClass Template videos for step-by-step instructions on how to import and how to customize your eClass template.

Locating your FW 2022-23 eClass course

To locate your FW 2022-23 courses, please complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to eClass. You will see your dashboard.
  2. Scroll to the 'Course Overview' section of your dashboard.
  3. Click the 'Future' from the drop-down menu to see your FW 2022-23 courses.