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Feminist Action Club

Feminist Action is about bringing an activist spirit to our campus. We're interested in anti-oppression politics and action over words.

While our activism is based on a radical, anti-racist, queer, grassroots lens, we do recognize the multiple interpretations of feminism and celebrate and support this diversity.

We also recognize that the history of the feminist movement in North America has been one that has excluded the voices and opinions of marginalized women. Thus we hope that our grassroots approach will allow us to dismantle structures of power from the bottom up, while being as fluid as possible.

Our aim is to work outside of societal systems in order to question what we consider normal. It is through this activism that we hope to blur traditional identity categories and structures of power in our fight for equity.

All are welcome: students, non-students, those in the Gender & Women’s Studies and Sexuality Studies programs, and anyone with a natural interest or inclination toward feminism.

Quick Links

Contact Us

Room 206T Founders College (in the School of Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies)

Join Us

We are a club on campus dedicated to promoting intersectional feminism. We will have:

  • General club meetings for group discussion
  • Joint club meetings with other clubs to build intersectionality and community (If you're a club on campus and want to collaborate, let us know)
  • Film screenings
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Book readings
  • Holiday potlucks

Get Involved

Interested in Volunteering with The Feminist Action Club?

Please email:

Volunteering with the Feminist Action Club is a great way to:

  • Meet people, share and acquire new skills.
  • Challenge and empower ourselves
  • Find and build personal support systems
  • Organize with other working groups to resist the systems of domination in our lives.

This opportunity is a great way to make an impact at York and shape the work of an important campus organization.

Meet the Team

Meenakshi Gopakumar


Hi everyone! I am Meenakshi, president of Feminist Action and a 3rd year Biology student. My pronouns are she/her. As a feminist, I believe that our society still has a long way to go when it comes to true gender equality, and this is why I decided to join Feminist Action in my first year. As president of the club, I plan and run events, conduct tabling to increase our membership, and recruit others to join our club. I am committed to running Feminist Action to the best of my abilities and hope that you all join us.

feminist action club communciations coordinator

Heena Bhutani

Communications Coordinator

I am the communication coordinator for Feminist Action, a women's advocacy club. My pronouns are she/her. I am currently a third-year computer science student at York University. I am passionate about women and LGBTQ rights, which is why I choose to be part of the Feminist Action team.