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Congratulations Cristina Wood: Trudeau Scholar!

Congratulations Cristina Wood: Trudeau Scholar!

It is with great joy that I may announce that our very own Cristina Wood has been selection as one of 15 Trudeau Scholar for 2021! This is a tremendous recognition of her bold, innovative, interdisciplinary, and community-focused scholarship and its potential to change the way we look at the world. We are proud and honoured to have her in the graduate program in history. 

Cristina Wood is a PhD Candidate in History at York University (supervised by Prof. Jennifer Bonnell). She is committed, in the words of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation, "to creative storytelling about the past.” Her dissertation project, "Enchanting the Ottawa: An Affective Environmental History of the Ottawa River,” follows the waterway’s transition from a transit and trade thoroughfare to a regulated, recreational place. Building on her work in public history and digital humanities, Wood draws on archival and oral histories and material culture to bring alive environmental pasts and futures. Learn more about her project here.

The Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Scholarship offers a three-year leadership program designed to train Engaged Leaders, equipping doctoral candidates with the skills to translate their ideas into action, for the betterment of their communities, Canada, and the world. This year, 15 Scholars were selected for the leadership program. They will receive generous funding for their studies as well as supplemental programming and training. 

On behalf of the Department and Programme, we are so pleased that you have received this deserved recognition. Congratulations Cristina!

All the best,