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Available: CESA Executive Positions 2018-19

Available: CESA Executive Positions 2018-19

CESA is the Culture and Expression Student Association and we focus on linking students with the arts and cultural sector by providing unique experiences in which you will be able to explore the city's rich, cultural and artistic scope. From food crawls, art galleries, movie nights and theatre shows: the possibilities are pretty endless of what we can experience!

We highly recommend considering the executive positions for the CESA 18-19 year. These are great opportunities to build on practical skills you can use further on in your careers. We are currently looking for two positions :

Internal Relations Coordinator 

- As internal relations coordinator you will work to ensure that the CESA's Executive Team, members of the club and associated staff and faculty keeps informed and motivated.

- You will work closely with the VP Internal Outreach and President in managing the weekly/monthly agenda and other organizational tasks. Additionally, you will help coordinate logistics during events outside and in the University.

- You will have the chance to play a vital role in the organizational function of the association.

Promotions Coordinator 

- As promotions coordinator, you will be responsible for planning and coordinating advertising programs to increase the association's visibility.

- You will also be responsible for maintaining updated the promotional content on CESA's website and social media.

- You will work closely with the External Outreach Coordinator and President to ensure that all the event programming is made public in a timely manner and within the vision of the year's themes.

- You will have the chance to develop initiatives and campaigns to bring students and the community together through the promotion of the association.

To apply, send a resume and a cover letter outlining which position and why to The deadline to apply is October 6th, 2018. 

Thank you again for reaching out and joining the CESA. We are all so excited about what we will experience together!