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Excellence in managing organizations has always been a prerequisite for attaining high levels of organizational performance. In a highly globalized market, organizations are compelled to seek only the most skilled management as they face issues of change and a dynamic external environment.

Management skills tend to be transferable between industries and fields. But what do professionals need to be successful managers in Canada?

  • Strong communication skills
  • Competence in all functional areas
  • Leadership skills
  • An understanding of change and change tactics
  • Industry experience
  • Knowledge and insight into Canadian business and culture

Sample Courses

Course offerings depend on the instructor and room/resource availability.

  • AP/ADMS 2400  Introduction Organisational Behaviour (Common pre-requisite, may be needed for some courses)
  • AP/HRM 2600  Human Resources Management (Common pre-requisite, may be needed for some courses)
  • AP/ADMS 3300 Operations Management
  • AP/ADMS 3353 Project Management
  • AP/ADMS 3900 The Practice of General Management
  • AP/ADMS 3920 New Venture and Small Business Management
  • AP/ADMS 3960 International Business
  • AP/HRM 3400  Occupational Health and Safety
  • AP/ADMS 3410 Training and Development
  • AP/HRM 3420  Employment Law
  • AP/ADMS 3422  Industrial Relations
  • AP/HRM 3430  Human Resources Planning
  • AP/ADMS 3440 Leadership and Management Skills
  • AP/ADMS 3450  Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • AP/ADMS 3470 Recruitment, Selection and Performance Appraisal of Personnel
  • AP/ADMS 3490 Compensation
  • AP/ADMS 4225 Retailing Management
  • AP/ADMS 4410 Strategic Human Resources Management
  • AP/ADMS 4430 Career Management
  • AP/ADMS 4444 Identity and Inclusivity in Organizations: Advanced Topics
  • AP/ADMS 4460 Organizational Development

Professional Associations

Internationally educated professionals interested in pursuing one of the following designations will need to be assessed by each individual association to determine the necessary course work, professional examinations and work experience required to become a member. 

Choosing the IEP Bridging Program at YorkU is a wise and strategic decision because you can start growing and building a meaningful personal and professional life.

— Nestor Castro
Advisor - Systems Team, 45 Consulting Services

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IEP alumnus Nestor Castro