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Enhance your marketing skills to meet the demands of today’s challenging and competitive environment. You’ll learn from seasoned professors with active experience in the field and prepare for employment opportunities in Canada ranging from large multinational corporations to start-ups.

What do professionals need to be successful in this field?

  • Research and analytical skills
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Industry experience
  • Knowledge and insight into Canadian business and culture

Sample Courses

Course offerings depend on the instructor and room/resource availability.

  • AP/ADMS 2200 3.00 Introductory Marketing
  • AP/ADMS 3210 3.00 Consumer Behaviour
  • AP/ADMS 3220 3.00 Applied Marketing Management
  • AP/ADMS 4210 3.00 International Marketing
  • AP/ADMS 4215 3.00 Business to Business Marketing
  • AP/ADMS 4230 3.00 Marketing Channels
  • AP/ADMS 4245 3.00 Digital Marketing
  • AP/ADMS 4250 3.00 Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation
  • AP/ADMS 4260 3.00 Marketing Research I
  • AP/ADMS 4265 3.00 Marketing Research II
  • AP/ADMS 4275 3.00 Services Marketing
  • AP/ADMS 4280 3.00 Social Marketing: Non-Profit Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • AP/ADMS 4225 3.00 Retailing Management

York University's IEP Bridging Program was one of the avenues that helped me gain exposure to Canadian business and Canadian workplace culture. It did help me brush up on my business management basics and, at the same time, helped me understand the Canadian market, the business environment and underlying workplace dynamics.

— Hariprasad Manavalan
Account Manager, Toromont Cat

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