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Nellie Commemorates with Graffiti

Nellie Commemorates with Graffiti

Check out the graffiti written on the shower curtain at the 1994 exhibit for Persons Day.

an image of "Women's Words" an original art piece for the Graffiti Person's Day Exhibit
Women's Words by Faye Pickrem
Credit: John Dawson

women + voice = more voice
How wondrous the love of the Great Mother for all her children - Khaeli

Today I celebrate who I am and all that I have yet to be - Trisha

The great celestial word-barrow is powered by mothers' milk

Celebrate the TRINITY: Maiden, Mother, Crone

Your silence around race will not protect you - Heather/Michèle

Wait til my sons can read. They will read about strong womyn, womyn with spirit and passions, Womyn that I love. Will they dare to love a womyn like mom?

We ate the cake ... and it was as delicious as women's words. GB.

My brother is just learning to read but I'm glad I already know how. It's just better.
by Sarah I'm 8.


My mother would understand. 100 jobs and that drive to get it done. Model - friend - pioneer - explorer - nurturer - mother - caring, music, sincere, free - non-judgmental. Pleased that they thought I'm like her. She is here with me. In the days, the work, with love! Cora

Moms: please be careful what fairy tales you let your daughters believe. Sonnet

My Life. I've done it all! Married, divorced. Raised 2 kids, moved 7 time, immigrated 7 times, worked 17 years in an office and a home, wrote a book, etc... Now I'm starting to live ... I've just begun my first year towards my B.A.!!! Yes!! Jabeen

come together in peace

It is a wonderful and necessary thing to register women's words and lives in material, tangible ways, such as this exhibition. I would have liked to have the opportunity to meet and talk with some of the other contributors - perhaps that will happen. Community is important, I appreciate this space as an aspect of female community arranged with care and warmth. FAP.