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Alanna Mazzon

Alanna Mazzon

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Alanna Mazzon

philosophy alumna Alanna Mazzon

Philosophy '10


In addition to a BA in Philosophy, Alanna Mazzon also attended teachers college. The summer after graduation, she moved to Beijing, China to live and work as an international teacher. After three years in China, she relocated to an international school in Germany.

“My degree from York has helped me form my own philosophy and theories around education, children, and school systems. I am passionate about inquiry-based learning, which fits perfectly with a Philosophy degree. I am constantly analyzing, reviewing, reflecting, and questioning my work, and myself, and I owe that to the professors and program at York. My favourite classes were the ones in which debate and questioning took over, around ideas and theories with no clear answers. This is where I learned a lot about myself, and a lot about the process of learning and the importance of questioning rather than the end results.”