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Anna Press

Anna Press

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Anna Press

cognitive science aluma Anna Press

Cognitive Science '10


I graduated from Cognitive Science at York in May 2010, and at present I'm teaching in Ankara, Turkey. This program was invaluable as it allowed me to analyze information from a variety of perspectives; I took courses in statistics, linguistics and psychology, for example. Cognitive science is one of the most intellectually stimulating fields of study in my opinion, because there is no end to the number of topics that can be covered.

The program at York is distinct in that there are a plethora of options available to students. One of my peers had an interest in computer science, so he took more courses in that field whereas I preferred psychology and philosophy so those are the courses I took more of; however, another advantage at York is that it's mandatory for students to take a certain number of courses in a variety of disciplines. We don't graduate having only studied a handful of topics from one perspective, but rather by the end we've read and dissected information using tools from many fields.