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Christopher Creatura

Christopher Creatura

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Christopher Creatura

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Philosophy '11

Investment Banker
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Christopher Creatura has a position in investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, having previously been in mergers and acquisitions at Deloitte. In addition to his BA in Philosophy, Christopher took courses in accounting and later acquired his CPA, CA designation. He says that his philosophy background has been an enduring topic of conversation in interviews and in the workplace.  As he puts it: “Though a philosophy major is an unorthodox route to a career on Wall Street, it’s one I’m grateful for.” He adds that he often considers returning to academia for graduate work but for the time being is content with his own private study of various works by Camus and Nietzsche. “Vestiges of my philosophy education include an obsession with the ‘big picture’, an instinct to sweep away the superfluous to get to the essence of problems, an insistence upon building arguments up from first principles and proven premises, and a confidence in my convictions as a result of constant appeals to logical reasoning. Most crucially, though, is an open mind, which is not only fertile soil for constant learning and growth, but more importantly, for acceptance and meaningful progress.”