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Christopher Janca

Christopher Janca

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Christopher Janca

cognitive science alumus Christopher Janca

Cognitive Science '06

From an educational perspective the program was absolutely fantastic. In the early years of study I had the opportunity to establish a foundation in philosophy, psychology, computer science and linguistics. In later years I was able to tailor my studies to pursue topics that I was most passionate about. As a result, at the end of my degree I had a concrete set of skills that allowed me to pursue a career in business development.

Upon graduating from the Cognitive Science Program in 2006 I pursued an MBA from the Schulich School of Business with specializations in marketing and organizational behaviour. My undergraduate studies proved absolutely invaluable in terms of setting me up for success in my MBA studies. The cognitive science program gave me the tools to understand human motivation and information processing. These concepts are at the heart of both marketing and organizational behaviour, but they are never directly addressed in the business curriculum. As a result I was able to excel in my areas of concentration and classmates sought after my skill set during group projects.