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Derek Davidson

Derek Davidson

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Derek Davidson

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Philosophy '84

Head of the Ethics Committee
Humber River Regional Hospital

Derek Davidson returned to university to study for a Philosophy BA at York, after having completed his MD at the University of Toronto and after working professionally as a physician for a number of years. In addition to practicing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, he was a consultant in Internal Medicine & Renal Disorders and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada. Before his retirement, Derek was an active member of the medical staff at the Humber River Regional Hospital, holding various positions including Chief of the Department of Medicine and Head of the Ethics Committee. He served on medical missions to Jamaica and Ecuador and was a medical consultant in India at the hospitals of the Church of North India.

“In addition to widening my understanding of the human condition,” Derek says that “the study of Philosophy gave me great pleasure and distraction from the practice of physical medicine.”