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Genevieve Belzile

Genevieve Belzile

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Genevieve Belzile

cognitive science alumna Genevieve Belzile

Cognitive Science '14

The Cognitive Science program at York University provided me with an amazing and unique learning experience. Through the Cognitive Science program I had the chance to take courses in a variety of fields that interested me such as psychology, linguistics and philosophy, and was able to later relate them to the study of the mind. The Cognitive Science program allows for a lot of choice in courses, so students get to take courses that suit their interests. In the final years of the program all students in the program have taken a different assortment of courses and thus, students were able to combine their knowledge while looking at the topic of the mind, and learn from each other. The Cognitive Science program has a much smaller class size then most other undergraduate programs, allowing you to get to know your peers well. I am thankful to have been part of the Cognitive Science program as its small class size and variety of courses has given me an abundance of knowledge as well as skills that have helped me become successful in pursuing further education.

Currently, I am pursing post-graduate studies at McGill University in Occupational Therapy (MScOT). Occupational therapists work in a variety of settings providing services that enable their clients to engage in the activities that make their lives meaningful. They work with individuals with physical, emotional or cognitive impairments, to face problems throughout their life span. Occupational Therapy is a very competitive program across Canada and I believe my choice of major in Cognitive Science made my application unique. My choice to study cognitive science has provided me with a wealth of insights that I believe will help me with my studies in Occupational Therapy.