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Iljana Kasi

Iljana Kasi

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Iljana Kasi

cognitive science alumna Iljana Kasi

Cognitive Science '12

I loved my time in the Cognitive Science program at York University. Due to its interdisciplinary approach, students are able to pursue several areas of interest in psychology, linguistics, philosophy, computer science, etc. This allows students to become well-rounded and gain access to many faculties across the campus. Furthermore, the program easily facilitates the ability for students to shape the kind of education they would like to pursue with many course options. In my time during the program, I was also encouraged and given substantial guidance and support to pursue a thesis. The experience proved invaluable. Finally, I really appreciated the smaller class sizes that were a cornerstone of the program, allowing for some unforgettable seminar courses where students could engage in dynamic discussions. These remain some of my favourite memories from my time at York University.

Currently, I am attending post-graduate studies at Dalhousie University in Audiology (MSc). The strong background in psychology, cognition and linguistics that I acquired during my time in Cognitive Science have provided the backbone to my present studies in ways I had not even originally anticipated. I truly believe that the flexibility of the Cognitive Science program was what ultimately led to my accomplishments. The program was challenging in many ways, but greatly rewarding.