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Jaclyn Jancen

Jaclyn Jancen

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Jaclyn Jancen

cognitive science alumna Jaclyn Jancen

Cognitive Science '10

I thoroughly loved the program. Upon making my selections in high school, one of the qualities I looked for in a university program was an interdisciplinary approach to a subject area. I applied for simply linguistics and psychology at both U of T and York, but when I found out that the cognitive science combined psychology, linguistics, philosophy and computer science I was more than excited to start studying this science. The upper level courses were all very interesting and tied together a lot of the concepts learned in the intro courses. In this sense I felt that the program was well planned out. I really enjoyed taking the biological and neuroscience courses to understand their role in cognitive science.

Currently I am enrolled in the M.Ed program at OISE, U of T. I strongly believe that the Cognitive Science program helped me gain acceptance to this program. In my statement of intent I was able to write about my thesis topic as I attempted to draw connections between Education and Cog Sci. I continue to raise points that I learned in my Cog Sci classes at OISE, and as a result I have gained a lot of respect from my teacher-colleagues and professors. Overall, Cognitive Science was a great program. I really appreciated the interdisciplinary approach. It was demanding but well worth it. It was a pleasure to meet all of the great professors in the program and to learn about the great theorists in the field.