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Lynn Yeboah

Lynn Yeboah

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Lynn Yeboah

cognitive science alumna Lynn Yeboah

Cognitive Science '11

The Cognitive Science program at York University was enlightening. Going into the program, I never would have imagined such a thorough, interdisciplinary approach to discussing topics like whether machines had minds and how memories are formed. The specialization allowed me to pursue the core courses in the program without sacrificing other areas of interest, and it is designed to engage a wide range of students with different academic backgrounds. While I was able to meet new peers in different courses offered, the closeness of the cognitive science program made it less intimidating to work with professors towards a challenging, yet highly valuable research experience.

Currently, I am pursuing post-graduate studies in Forensic Practice (specializations in Mental Health and Corrections) at Humber College. I also volunteer as a content manager for a choice charity, writing articles surrounding mental health issues and illnesses. My backgrounds in psychology and cognition have shaped what I would like to eventually pursue as a career-- creating restorative learning strategies for the recidivating, mentally-ill population. I truly enjoyed the versatility of the Cognitive Science program, which transformed my university experience and continues to lend its perspective in my everyday work.