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Rachelle Innocent

Rachelle Innocent

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Rachelle Innocent

cognitive science alumna Rachelle Innocent

Cognitive Science '11

Cognitive Science helped me cultivate a frame of reference that allows me to think critically about complex problems. The multi-faceted nature of the program gives you exposure to different perspectives in relation to an array ofinteresting and intriguing topic areas (Psychology, Philosophy, Robotics, AI, etc.). I quickly developed a way of looking at information that took into account complexities and angles that I wouldn’t have otherwise known how to manipulate. This made for more creative and innovative idea generation and decision-making.

My post-secondary work experience has largely been business-related. Themes that speak to organizational culture, people dynamics, process efficiencies and change management (to list a few), were objectives I was able to successfully tackle by leveraging the principles and philosophies that I learned while in the Cognitive Science program. So far, I've been able to make impactful changes in industries that support mental health as an HR solution, Training & Development programs across conservative financial industries, and also as part of project teams that overhauled business processes and strategies.

For those of you who don't want to be pigeon-holed to a specific industry, job function or title, and want to continue to apply your learnings once you've finished investing in your post-secondary education - Cognitive Science will give you that. It gives you the foundation to really diversify your work experience and explore different career options. Expect to be challenged and for the program to test your limits, but also know that there is a huge return on your investment.