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Rayme Michaels

Rayme Michaels

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Rayme Michaels

philosophy alumnus Rayme Michaels

Philosophy '10


After York, Rayme Michaels went on to get a master’s degree in Eastern and contemporary continental philosophy while working as a teaching assistant at Brock University. He has gone on to become a novelist, short-story writer and poet and has published seven books thus far. His first book came out in 2012: a Rabelaisian comedy entitled Incorrigibility. His second book (released that same year) is a dark, gory, romantic vampire thriller called Red Love, which won Honourable Mention at the top of the list for General Fiction at the 2014 London Book Festival. Both books are novellas, as is his fourth book, Even on Mars, which is a futuristic science fiction sex comedy that was released in 2018. His third book, Screw the Devil's Daiquiri, was and is his first full-length novel, a semi-autobiographical, dark, urban comedy meets psychological drama, which he wrote in 2012 and which was published in 2014 by Melange Books. In 2019, he released The Chaos Café, his second full-length novel, which is also a dark comedy and arguably his most philosophical work thus far. Both novels are very existential and can fit into the genre of Magical Realism. His first book of short stories, entitled Spirals of Orange and Black, was released in 2020, as was his first book of poetry, written in freestyle prose, Number Seven and One.

“I will always look back on my glorious time at York with fondness. Most of my professors were great, and it was lots of fun to engage in class debates and discussions, with so many memorable moments and a wonderful, friendly vibe that permeated all areas of the campus.”