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Scott Munro

Scott Munro

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Scott Munro

cognitive science alumnus Scott Munro

Cognitive Science '11

The Cognitive Science program at York University had exactly what I was looking for in a program. I had always been interested in how the brain works to generate our lived-in subjective experience. The Cog-Sci program gave me exposure to the many different disciplines that work on these types of questions.  The biggest long-term benefit of this program is that you become involved with many different departments at the university. You learn the differences between them departments as far as infrastructure goes, and get to meet the staff from all over campus. This exposure gave me a huge advantage when applying for Graduate studies because I had established contacts in the departments I was applying to and was able to have all my questions answered.

I am now currently a Master’s student working in the Schneider MRI lab at York investigating the role of the subcortical visual nuclei in awareness. I strongly believe a portion of my accomplishments are due to the flexibility and diversity of the Cog Sci program at York University.