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Srishti Nayak

Srishti Nayak

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Srishti Nayak

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Philosophy '10

I am currently doing a research internship at National University of Singapore, in the area of Developmental Psychology. One of the great things about the Cognitive Science program at York was the opportunity that it offered in terms of pursuing one's own area of interest within this vast and dynamic field. After the first few semesters, I developed an interest in the intersection between Psychology and Linguistics and was able to take many courses offered by both departments to learn more about this area.

Another thing I really liked about the program, and am finding really useful as I apply for PhD programs now, is that every student in the program graduates with a minimum amount of independent research experience. I was able to explore the topics of language acquisition, creation, and change, from an interdisciplinary perspective for my Honors Seminar Project, an endeavor that confirmed my current interest in Language Development and also helped me improve my research and presentation skills. Due to the small size of the program, by third and fourth year many of us in the program knew each other from smaller classes and were able to form a kind of academic support group.