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Teresa Valenzano

Teresa Valenzano

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Teresa Valenzano

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Cognitive Science '10

The Cognitive Science program at York University was a great stepping-stone for my future ambitions. The interdisciplinary nature of the field allowed me to expand my knowledge in various topics while unifying different concepts within the Cognitive Science domain. I am currently studying Speech and Language Science at the University of Western Ontario for my Masters' of Science degree.

My cognitive science background has allowed me to bring a new perspective into the field, by assessing the effect of varying cognitive demands on the motoric act of speech production for Parksinon's disease patients; melding my interest for language with my educational background of cognition. I am hoping to pursue a clinical degree in speech-language pathology, as well as follow with a PhD in Speech and Language Science. Without such a diverse program, I do not believe I would have such a well-rounded knowledge within the fields of philosophy, psychology, linguistics, and artificial intelligence.