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Department Forms & Policies

Find the paperwork you need for various administrative requests and the policies that must be followed in our Department.

Letter of Permission (LOP) Process

Letter of Permission (LOP) Application forms will only be considered if they are complete. All supporting material for the LOP must be clearly presented in paper form with evidence of source where relevant. We will do our best to get the form assessment completed as soon as possible, but please be aware that it may take up to two weeks. Letters of Permission may only be signed by the Undergraduate Program Director.

Important Forms

Course Enrolment Wait List Request Form

If a course is full, fill out this form to be put on the waitlist to join.

Grade Re-Appraisals (PDF)

After course grades have been released, students may with sufficient academic grounds request that a final grade in a course be reappraised.

Attending Physician's Statement (PDF)

Fill out this statement with your physician to accompany your request for academic accommodations.

Directed Reading Form (PDF)

Fill out this form if you are pursing directed reading courses. Please note the requirements before applying.

Academic Policies

Academic Honesty

You do not need to deal with academic issues alone. Access counselling services (including an accessibility counsellor, who can attend sessions with you), and get support for your personal success and well-being.

Academic Petitions

Need to request special accommodation for a deadline or regulation? Get help with filing an academic petition, including where to send it, the types of petitions available and their requirements, important deadlines and forms, and how to check your petition status.

Student Code of Conduct

Please familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities at York by reviewing the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty and the Student Code of Conduct.