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AP/POLS 4230 3.0 Canadian Defense Policy

AP/POLS 4230 3.0 Canadian Defense Policy

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AP/POLS 4230 3.00

Canadian Defense Policy

This course examines the issues, and the interests, involved in the making of Canadian defence policy with a particular emphasis upon the transition from the cold war to the post-cold war decision-making milieu. Accordingly, the course focuses on three areas of study: Canadian's role in the North American air/aerospace defence of the continent (NORAD), in European security, and in Peacekeeping.   The course examines the history of Canada's role within each of these areas and situates that history within the contemporary global environment of transition from bi-polarity to an as yet indefinable new world order.   The results of the analysis consistently are applied to the assumptions of the major perspectives in international relations theory, in order to test the on-going viability of those perspectives.