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AP/POLS 4300 6.0 Public Policy Research

AP/POLS 4300 6.0 Public Policy Research

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AP/POLS 4300 6.00

Public Policy Research


This course examines the application of social science research techniques to the public policy process. Social science research techniques may be used either in conjunction with the design of public policies, or for evaluating policies which have already been implemented. The course covers both aspects. The policy design part of the course (Part I) is intended to develop a capacity for the design, conduct, and critical analysis of public policy research, particularly as it is directed to the development of policy and to the understanding and improvement of the policy process. We will discuss some of the main theoretical approaches to the analysis of public policy and will critically examine several examples of public policy research. The programme evaluation part of the course (Part II) is designed to help Public Policy and Administration students become familiar with techniques, approaches, and theoretical issues in evaluating the effectiveness of government or private agency programmes. Students are assumed to have a basic knowledge of statistics, research design, and a computer programme for analyzing statistics. After completing this part of the course, students will possess the skills to design and conduct programme evaluations in a professionally competent manner.