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Important Information About Fall 2021 ADMS/DEMS Courses

Important Information About Fall 2021 ADMS/DEMS Courses

York University has announced partial return to campus for the Fall 2021 term (partial list of courses offered in-person) and a full return for the Winter 2022 term. The School of Administrative Studies is excited to offer a selection of ADMS and DEMS courses in-person in the fall. When choosing (ADMS/DEMS) in-person courses, please ensure that you can commit to attending the course’s lectures (and exams) in-person on campus. If you cannot commit to being on campus for a course, please choose courses/sections that are delivered in online (ONLN) or remote (REMT) formats.

In-Person Courses

In-person courses are designated as LECT (lecture) or BLEN (blended) in the York University Courses Website.  It is expected that students enrolled in these courses will attend class in-person. Please do not enrol into a LECT or BLEN course if you are not able to commit to come to class for lectures and exams in this course. Instructors of LECT and BLEN courses are not required to record their lectures or deliver course material online for those not attending the scheduled in-class lectures.  The location for in-person courses will be made available by the University closer to the start of the term.  These in-person course offerings are subject to University and Public Health guidelines.  Please refer to health and safety updates on the YU Better Together website about how these guidelines you.   

Online / Remote Courses

Courses that are designated as ONLN (online) or REMT (remote) are offered without in-person components at all. Both types require regular Internet access. Courses designated as REMT (remote) are assigned a specific meeting time. Students enrolling in BLEN courses are expected to be available to connect online during the designated meeting time. The designated time for REMT courses may be used for regular lectures, activities, office hours and any other synchronous content – the instructor will provide more details on the specific plan by the start of the term. Courses that are marked as ONLN are asynchronous, although the instructor may offer optional synchronous opportunities to connect.


As usual, exams, quizzes and submission deadlines often take place outside the designated time for the course. Advance notice will be provided in the course outline and on the course website. Please ensure to check on those at the start of the course. It is expected that exams for ONLN and REMT courses will only be delivered online/remotely. Locations for the exams in LECT and BLEN courses will be announced by the instructor, and will depend on University and Public Health guidelines.


If you have specific questions about courses, please refer to the course outlines on eClass or the Course Outlines website.