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DEM Research

DEM Faculty at York University are all research active.  Authors of leading textbooks in the field as well as principal investigators of large research projects, York University’s DEM program is definitely shaping the field. On this page explore York’s DEM Technical Report Series and find inspiration for your work as you browse through Major Research Projects developed by York’s DEM Master’s students.   

MDEM students wishing for their Major Research Papers to be featured on this page are encouraged to contact us at

Opportunities to Engage

Featured Report

Expanding the Narrative on Anti-Chinese Stigma During COVID-19

Dr. Aaida Mamuji, Dr. Jack Rozdilsky, Dr. Charlotte T. Lee, Dr. Njoki Mwarumba, Martin Tubula, and Terri Chu

"We are pleased to present this report, the first in a series of publications coming out of
research funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) entitled,
“Destigmatizing Chinese communities in the face of COVID-19: Emergency management
actions to address social vulnerability in Toronto and Nairobi”. We are grateful to our funders
for their continued support of health and social science research."

Technical Report Series

Dr. Eric B. Kennedy

Canadian COVID-19 Social Impacts Survey - Rapid Summary of Results #1: Risk Perceptions, Trust, Impacts, and Responses

Download Report (PDF)

Dr. Aaida Mamuji and Dr. Jack Rozdilsky

Disability Inclusive Disaster Management: Flood Response and Social Vulnerability in Bracebridge, Ontario.

Download Report (PDF)

Dr. Jack Rozdilsky and Dr. Aaida Mamuji

Kamloops as Host City: 2017 Wildfires in British Columbia: Response-generated demands in the city of Kamloops

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Student Major Research Papers

Rebecca Gutman

A study of the Toronto Jewish Community's Response to Non-Local Anti-Semitic Violence: Actions to Increase Local Resiliency

This paper asks what actions were taken to increase local resilience to anti-Semitic violence by the Toronto Jewish Community as a consequence of the2018 Tree of Life Disaster.

Download Research Paper (PDF)

Brady Podloski

Long-Term Implications of Sea Level Rise for Low-Lying Islands

This paper is a comprehensive literature review of the short and long-term consequences of Sea Level Rise (SLR) on low-lying islands. It also explores the dangers of SLR and its relationship with low-lying islands.

Download Research Paper (PDF)

Kathleen Brough

Community Based Mental Health Programming: Building Bonds and Bridges

This paper aims to gain a better theoretical understanding of the work being done by community based mental health programs to build social capital for refugees

Download Research Paper (PDF)

Barlu Dumbuya

Vehicle Weaponization: A Social Media Analysis of the 2018 Toronto Vehicle Ramming Attack

This study reveals insights into public perceptions of the 2018 Toronto Van Attack, identifying that perceptions were formed based on terrorism frames from past events. The study highlights the need for emergency management professionals to have strategies on social media to consistently disseminate information to counter dis/misinformation.

Download Research Paper (PDF)

Dila Jeyapalan

Perspectives on the opioid epidemic in Southern Ontario: Can the opioid epidemic be managed by practices within Emergency Management?

This study explores the following three questions: 1) How do emergency management practitioners understand the Ontario opioid epidemic? 2) What (if any) emergency management activities have practitioners in southern Ontario been engaged in with respect to the opioid epidemic? 3) What are effective emergency management measures that they feel would address the opioid epidemic?

Download Research Paper (PDF)

Younus Imam

Developing localized strategies to improve resiliency and security of mosques in the Greater Toronto Area

This study examines issues regarding mosque safety and resiliency in the Greater Toronto Area.

Download Research Paper (PDF)

Maryam Shafiei Sabet

Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Emergency Calls Responded by the City of Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service during the 2013 Ice Storm

Download Research Report (PDF)

Dina Meghdadi

Labour Market Integration of Syrian Refugees in the GTA

Download Research Report (PDF)

Hurania Melgar

The Gender Landscape of Canada’s Non-Profit Disaster Response Sector

This project explores the extent of gender-sensitive programming offered by non-profit organizations involved in disaster response within Canada.

Download Research Paper (PDF)

Marcin Lewandowski

Risk Assessment of the Timber Supply Chain in Southern Ontario using Agent-Based Simulation

Download Research Paper (PDF)

Lauren Hébert

The Concerns of Ontario Elementary School Teachers on School-Based Emergencies and Emergency Preparedness

This study uses interviews of elementary teachers and examines the major concerns/themes, which are as follows: Lockdown/intruder situations, lack of training, students with disabilities, evacuation procedures, first aid training and access to emergency information.

Download Research Paper (PDF)