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HR Edge Magazine

The Magazine of Leading Edge Ideas in Human Resource Management: Bringing together scholarly work and professional practice in HR Management.

HR Edge is an annual publication produced by the Graduate Program in Human Resources Management. Having started in 2008, the magazine provided the Graduate Program with an opportunity to share its achievements with the broader community, and to fortify the knowledge, capacity and capability of HR experts to support today’s leaders.

In this issue:

  • The law of work
    David Doorey discusses his book, and the law of work.
  • 5 ways to lead in a complex work
    Strategies for meeting the demands of a complex world of work.
    By Glain Roberts-McCabe
  • Helping leaders manage disruption
    An effective framework to help leaders build their ability to manage disruptive change.
    By Phil Buckley
  • Quick Q&A with Kirstine Stewart
    Diply CSO and author Kirstine Stewart shares practical work advice.
    Interview by Marija Vukic
  • Women in film
    The concerning portrayal of professional women in motion pictures.
    By Marie-Hélène Budworth & Souha Ezzedeen
  • Flexible workplace arrangements: an answer to work-family conflict?
    By Natalia Vucina

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