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Philestena McLeod

Philestena McLeod

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Philestena McLeod

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Sociology '09

Mental Health Consultant & Developmental Service Worker & Instructor
OxFord College of Arts, Business and Technology

"The sociology field is very wide, so it is best to streamline your discipline. My focus was Youth, Education, and Culture. These three focus were utmost important because of social and environmental factors such as racism, stigma, and mental health issues that can impact the lives of Youths, especially, those who are targeted and vulnerable. From a socio-cultural aspect, I am an active advocate for persons with intellectual disabilities and exceptionalities. I provide families with consultation including how to access services beneficial to meet their unique needs. I worked in partnership with political and community leaders addressing the needs and lack of services in the area of mental health. Accepting this cause was a major role due to cultural stigma, racism, and socio-economic factors, which often hinder youths from different cultural backgrounds. It is a proven fact, Youths with mental health issues their first point of contact is the judicial system which in many cases ended deadly, and in turn leaves huge gaps in the fabric of our community. I believe this should not have to be the case, thus, positive approaches are needed."