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Tria Urnom

Tria Urnom

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Tria Urnom

Sociology alumna Tria Urnom

Sociology '08

Operations Director
Brands For Canada

"Education is ongoing and a solid foundation (in any degree) helps to build an open mind and create curiosity into other areas creating new opportunities and new paths. A sociology degree is invaluable and has the added benefit (and edge) to view world/situation/experiences in a bigger picture and the skills to 'deconstruct' and understand (with compassion) how everything is connected. In this information (technology) revolution, the key to success, I believe is in connection and that means relationship building.

At York, I was pleasantly surprised by the diversity in the student body. I was a mature student when I reapplied and it was amazing to see so many individuals my age (and older). The campus (students, staff, custodians, TAs, professors, etc.) was always welcoming."