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Funded Research

Our world class research is constantly winning grant competitions and other financial awards. We're honoured to see our work recognized as being among the world's best. We invite you to browse some of our best work listed below and seek inspiration for your projects.

Faculty memberProject titleResearch grantYear
Deborah Davidson (co-investigator)Healing TattoosSSHRC Insight Grant, $88,0002020-2023
Amber GaszoThe Systems of Our Lives: Navigating Multiple Systems While Living on Low IncomeSSHRC Insight Grant, $150,7382020-2023
Amber GaszoMyth or Reality? Examining Parent-Child Income Assistance Use in OntarioSSHRC Insight Grant, $72, 5702020-2023
Harris AliCOVID-19's Informational Virus: Analyzing the Viral Character and Effects of Social Media Misinformation (440307) (Nominated PI with Co PI – Dr. Fuyuki Kurasawa$309,0002020-2022
Marcello MustoTravels with Marx: Destinations, Reflections and EncountersSSHRC Explore Grant, $7,0002020-2022
Marcello MustoAlternative Socio-Economic Ideas, 1789-1871SSHRC Insight Development Grant, $70,3052020-2022
Lorna WeirProject Partner, Canadian Council and Rehabilitation and Work, Disability Confidence. $1.3 million2020-2022
Carmella Murdocca (co-applicant)Remembering and Memorializing Violence: Transnational Feminist DialoguesSocial Science and Humanities Research Council, Connection Grant, $25,0002020-2021
Christopher Kyriakides (collaborator)Equipping African Mothers with Refugee Backgrounds to Effectively Engage with Middle Schools SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant, $25,0002020-2021
Marcello MustoMarx’s Capital: A Global History of Translation, Dissemination and ReceptionMinor Research Grant, Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, $3,0002020-2021
Marcello MustoMarx on Asia and the Development of Capitalism: New Insights After the MEGA2Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Seed Grant for Collaborative Research Initiatives, $5,0002020-2021
Deborah Davidson (co-investigator)Arts-based participatory research approach: Potential for exploring Asian-Canadian youth identities through an intersectionality lensSSHRC Insight
Development Grant, $7,615
Luin GoldringNon-status migrant exclusions and responses under COVID in the GTASSHRC COVID-19 Partnership Engage Grant, $24,9842020
Eric Mykhalovskiy (co-applicant)ChemStory: community produced podcasts to spark conversations about Chemsex and HIV PreventionCIHR Catalyst Grant: HIV/AIDS and STBBI Community-Based Research $39,9762020
Lesley WoodImagining Abolitionist and Decolonizing FuturesSSHRC Connection Grant, $24,5282020
Cary Wu (principal investigator)The Dynamics of Trust Before, During, and After the COVID-19 OutbreakCanadian Institute of Health Research, $176,2562020
Cary Wu (co-investigator)Evaluating the Governance of Emergent Pandemic Zoonoses: A Systems & Legal Analysis.Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), $975,8022020
Cary Wu (principal investigator)Scenic Urbanization: A Comparative PerspectiveYCAR Canada-China Initiatives Fund, York Centre for Asian Research, $15,1542020
Mark ThomasClocked In - Work, Time, and Technology in the Digital EconomySSHRC Insight Grant, $112,2112019-2024
Christopher Kyriakides (collaborator)Promoting the Transition to Postsecondary Education for African Refugee Youth in Canadian Schools  SSHRC Insight Grant, $240,0502019-2023
Ann Kim (co-investigator)Asian International Students to Canadian Universities: Examining the Racialization of Chinese, Indian and Korean Students in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and WinnipegSSHRC Partnership Grant, $285,8822019-2023
Sylvia BawaArts-based participatory research approach: Potential for exploring Asian-Canadian youth identities through an intersectionality lensResearch/Dissemination Network on Canada's Human Rights Role in Sub-Saharan Africa (CARRISSA). $199,9802019-2021
Christopher Kyriakides (PI)2019-2021: Bordering (Mis)Trust: The Impact of Refugee Reception Discourses on National Belonging  SSHRC Insight Grant, $160,0002019-2021
Carmella Murdocca (co-applicant)Identifying Indigenous Standards for Evaluating Indigenous Persons CourtsSSHRC Partnership Engage Grant, $24,9982019-2021
Deborah Davidson (co-investigator)SSHRC Insight Development Grant, $47,9712019-2020
Amber GaszoMigration and Resilience in Urban Canada: Discovering Strengths and Building Capacities (or Building Migrant Resilience in Cities)SSHRC Partnership Grant ($2.5 million)2019
Eric Mykhalovskiy, (co-investigator)2019 FEAST Centre for Indigenous STBBI Research CIHR Centres for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and STBBIs Research - Indigenous populations, $5,000,0002019
Christopher Kyriakides (co PI)Civil Society and the Global Refugee Regime SSHRC Partnership Grant, $2,625,0002018-2025
Hyun Ok ParkCore University Grant for Korean Studies. Academy of Korean Studies (Project Director), $1.1M2018-2023
Pat ArmstrongChanging Places: Paid and Unpaid Work in Public PlacesSSHRC Insight Grant, $197,0392018-2021
Ratiba Hadj Moussa (co-applicant)Crisis y representacion politica en el norte da Africa. Dispostivos institucionales y contestacionfinanced by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, the Research National Agency and the European Funds for Regional Development, 65,000 Euros2018-2021
Amber GaszoStalled Mobility? Income Inequality and Intergenerational Relationships Among Newcomer South Asian and Chinese Households in York
SSHRC via the Building Migrant Resilience in Cities Partnership Grant, $39,2012018-2021
Harris Ali (nominated PI)“The Role of Social, Cultural, and Environmental Factors in Improving Ebola Virus Disease Response and Resilience: Exploring the Potential of Community-Based Initiatives”International Development Research Centre Grant, $360,0002018-2020
Carmella Murdocca (co-applicant)Re-imagining “serving time” in Indigenous communities: Indigenous women
and community leaders’ perspectives
SSHRC Special Call - Indigenous Research Capacity and Reconciliation Connection Grant, $50,0002018-2020
Eric Mykhalovskiy (co-investigator)Understanding contextual factors to effectively and equitably scale up
GetCheckedOnline to diverse populations and geographic settings
CIHR Team Grant, $2,000,0002018-2023
Sylvia BawaUrbanization, gender and the global south: a transformative knowledge networkSSHRC Partnership Grant, $2.5 million2017-2022
Mark Thomas (co-investigator)Canada Labour Code Data Analysis InfrastructureCanada Foundation for Innovation, $263,5842017-2022
Ann Kim (collaborator)Using Research to Inform Best Practices for Language, Literacy, Learning, Social Integration, and Child and Family WellbeingSSHRC Partnership Grant, $2.5 million2017-2022
Harris Ali (co-investigator)Advanced Disaster, Emergency and Rapid Response SimulationCollaborative Research and Training Experience Grant, $1,650,0002016-2021
Mark Thomas (co-investigator)Spaces of Labour in Moments of Urban PopulismSSHRC Insight Grant, $196,4062016-2021