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Social Work Student Association

Attention BSW students! Participating in extracurricular activities can often be an overlooked aspect of post-secondary education, yet something that can enrich your overall journey. Whether you’re passionate about student rights and their voices, you wish to network with other Social Work students or faculty, or simply build your resume, the Social Work Students Association (otherwise known as SWSA) is here to help you make the most of your time at York University!

What is SWSA?

SWSA is a student-run volunteer-based organization that is for students, by students. We are the student representatives for the Social Work student body, to the School of Social Work. As an Executive Member of SWSA, students can have an opportunity to participate in and experience Committees in the School of Social Work, which provides another valuable avenue to represent the student voice.

SWSA is an invaluable resource for BSW students. As the name suggests, SWSA is a Social Work centric student organization that works to embody a lot of the core values that are taught in-class, with particular emphasis on critical social work, critical self-reflexivity, anti-oppressive practice, and (self) empowerment.

SWSA is here to work alongside and support the Social Work student body in the following ways:

  • Support students with their transition to university, as well as help them navigate York University by providing mentorship, support and guidance
  • Serve as a bridge of communication between the Social Work students and the School of Social Work, as well as the York Administration
  • Advocate on behalf of Social Work students on matters that are important to them
  • Build community and foster engagement within the Social Work student body
  • Promote the School of Social Work and SWSA to the broader York Community
  • Organize, promote, and plan events and initiatives that support and benefit students
  • Put theory into practice

Our Programs & Initiatives

Mental Health & Wellness Initiative

Our work to address gaps in student mental health support. Three specially designed themes help students feel welcome and supported.

Drop-In Group Support (DIGS)

Fostering community and belonging in our program. DIGS provides a safe and welcoming space for students to relax, share and connect with each other.

Community Navigator Program

Experienced upper-year students helping new students. Connect with a mentor or volunteer to help others.

Meet the Team

Julissa Alvarez Vargas


Chantel Espinola

Co-Vice President

Eliana Alexandroff

Co-Vice President

Taylor Hart

Community Navigator

Maria Injeyan

Administrative Assistant

Isha Dogar

Public Relations Coordinator

Queenly Nyarko

Public Relations Coordinator

Dipanpreet Kaur

Public Relations Coordinator

Kiana Namdarpour

D.I.G.S Coordinator

Constança Carreira

First Year Student Body Liaisons

Jessica Luong

Second Year Student Body Liaisons

Elahveyini Veemharaj Aswaththaman

Fourth Year Student Body Liaisons

Anantika Kohli

Events Coordinator