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Akeem Maginley

Akeem Maginley

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Akeem Maginley

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Senior Programs Officer
Transport Canada

Tell prospective students a bit about the work you do.

I conduct qualitative and quantitative research and analysis of transportation policy, socio-economic topics and trends in order to advise the implementation of various projects/policy options throughout Ontario.

Tell prospective students a bit about how your studies at York helped you to get where you are today.

Prior to taking the MPPAL, I had worked for the City of Toronto, the Ontario Public Service, and the Federal Public Service, at various stages in my employment career. However, before the MPPAL, I didn’t know how it [i.e. government] all worked.

Within the context of practical exercises, the MPPAL provided me with a solid foundation for understanding the intersection between public policies, government, and the law. Furthermore, the MPPAL provided strong links to theoretical sources of knowledge and a diverse faculty who are experts in their respective fields. Finally, the MPPAL opened up a diverse network of skilled, passionate, and dynamic alumni; a group that will continue to grow and strengthen.